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This was Dirty Cat, a former ski bum cat who came into my life a mere month after I lost my two cats to an apartment fire. I didn’t want, and felt I wasn’t ready for, another cat, but she was about 11 years old, and wouldn’t have done well in an animal shelter.

So, I had her owner (who was moving and couldn’t take her) drop her off at my place. I still remember how Dirty Cat paused to take in the place, before making a bee line for my room. That night she jumped up on the bed to sleep by my head, where she slept every night for six years thereafter. Kidney failure required one final trip to the vet last June, but she will live with me forever.

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frustrated Montpelier tour guide, after she and I were talking at breakfast about how Martha Washington burned her and George’s letters (via ladyhistory)
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Only at social studies teacher seminars can you sit on the steps of the Montpelier mansion at 10 at night and collectively talk smack about Thomas Jefferson.

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Greyfield Inn
Cumberland Island
Photograph by Jamie Beck
Ann Street Studio

(Click photo to see full story …)

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We went to the moon in 1969.

But humans have been looking at and recording Earth’s moon for centuries and centuries.

The Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars,about 1250-1260, Unknown. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Two Diagrams with the Sun and the Moon, after 1277, Unknown. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Mantel Clock, about 1790-1800, Movement by Nicolas-Alexandre Folin; enamel plaques by Georges-Arien Merlet. J. Paul Getty Museum.
Moon Landscape, late 1850s, Unknown. J. Paul Getty Museum.